Saturday, 6 August 2011


1.    Face Painting

·         Two members per team. One will paint on other’s face.
·         Theme will be given on the spot.
·         Get essential things.(Colors and other decorative stuffs)
·         Time limit is 1 hour.

2.       Object Painting
·         Individual event
·         Display your creativity on the given object.
·         Get essential things.(Colors and other decorative stuffs)
·         Time limit is 1 hour.

3.       Clay Modeling

·         Individual event.
·         Mould clay to display your creativity. Painting on the models is allowed.
·         Clay will be provided.
·          Time limit is 1.30 hour.

4.       Bouquet Making
·         Individual event
·         Flowers, leaves and wire will be provided.
·         Carry other required stuffs.
·         Time limit is half n hour.

          5.  Dance(Solo)
·         Participants have to appear for auditions on proposed date.
·        Song length of max 5minutes.


Max 8 members and minimum 2 member in a team.
Song Length of max 10 minutes.
           6.  Song(solo)
·         Participants have to appear for auditions on proposed date.
·         Song can be of any style.


Max 8 members and minimum 2 members in a team.
Song can be of any style.

            7.  Rangoli
·         Theme – Janamastmi
·         1 hour time will be given.
·         Anything can be used for decoration. (Like Leaves, flowers etc.)
             8. Antakshri- On the spot event.

       1. Treasure Hunt - 4 members compulsory.
                                    Find the treasure by breaking the clues.
                                    Further details will expained on the spot.

       2. Bug de bug - Individual Event
                                4 rounds of memory games.

       3. 20 Questions - Team of 2 is compulsory
                                 One member will be given an object and other have guess it by asking 20 Questions.

       4. Mr.n Miss Personality - Individual Event
                                                Reveal your personality in three simple rounds.

       5. Plane Crash - Individual Event
                                 In this event every participant will get a famous personality,and the situation is that, all the participants are on the plane,which is about to crash and pilot has got only two parachutes.One for himself  and one for one of the participants.Now participants have to convince the pilot why he should be given the another parachute.

       6. Dumb charades - Team of 3 is compulsory
                                       In this event there will be 4 rounds.
                                       1 of the member will act and other two will guess the given personality/ profession etc.

       7. Collage - Team of 2 is compulsory
                          Theme will be given on the spot.
                          Participants have make a collage of paper cuttings.

       8 . AD MAD SHOW
                              • There must be 4 members in each team.
                        • There will be two rounds, where first round is elimination round.
                        • All materials will be provided.
                            1st round
                        • Theme will be given on the spot.
                        • There will be 35 minutes to make design on poster which includes company name, logo and punch line.
                        • There will be 5 minutes to explain.
                            2nd round
                   • Selected teams will be given 2 hours to make jingle and role play.
                   • There will be 1 minute for role play and 3 minutes for question-answer round.


1.       Creative Writing (English) - A product will be given,you have to write an advertise for that product.

Creative Writing ( Hindi) - A picture will be given and candidate have to write a story or poem or an extract.

2.       Extempore(English/Hindi) – Topic will be given to each candidate before 2 minutes and will be given 2+1 minutes to speak.


·         Topic- Do you agree/disagree with India’s claim for permanent membership of the UN Security council?(English)
              Aaj ke samay mein “Bhagat singh” ya “Mahatma Gandhi” ke sidhant laagu hone chaiye ?
·         Two members per team. One member speaks for the topic and other against it for 3   minutes each.
·         One team per school for the competition.
·         In case of more than one team from same school, teams will have to attend a qualifier round.

4.       Poster Presentation

·         One team includes two-three members.
·         Participants have to make a self explanatory poster on any one of the below mentioned topics using pictures and drawings.
·         Participants should explain the poster in 3 minutes.
·         Topics are: - Global Warming, Biological weapons, Social Networking, Robotics, Right to information, e-commerce, Entrepreneurship.

5.       Quiz- General Awareness.
           Team of 3 is compulsory.

6.       Ethical quiz – Brief knowledge about all the religions of the world.

T                         Team of 2 is compulsory.


       All the competitions under this category are on the spot events. All rules will be explained during the event.

In case of many teams for BASKET BALL, VOLLEYBALL and THROWBALL, elimination matches will be conducted before 20th of august. Information will be provided soon.


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  1. अब तो कार्यक्रम खत्म हो गया है रिज़ल्ट भी दे दिया गया है. लेकिन बहुत से बच्चे ऐसे होंगे जो पहुंच नहीं पाये होंगे, और अपना रिज़ल्ट जानना चाहते होंगे. so please post the result for all catagories and winners name. thanks.